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We understand your need and we design to your taste. From golf cart to heavy metal carriers, we fulfill your need. We are providing customized carts & rickshaws as per the industrial choice. We assure you that you would not regret the product.


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E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

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Adapt motors

E rickshaws have almost taken place of pulled or manual rickshaws, as they require less human power and minimum fuel cost. These E rickshaws or electronic rickshaws are now widely accepted in India, and to cater you the best e rickshaws deal, Adapt Motors is here! We are the leading battery-operated rickshaw manufacturers in India who believe in cutting-edge technologies for providing you durable and eco-friendly e rickshaws in India. We always emphasize on quality and variety of products and being the best e rickshaw manufacturers in India, we blend latest technologies in our work, which is the key point of our success. Our e rickshaw or electronic rickshaw is manufactured by a proficient team of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers for rendering you the best product.

Customer Satisfaction is our forte. We design, develop and manufacture e rickshaw in India by keeping customers’ comfort in mind. You can choose from wide array of e rickshaw specifications as each product is manufactured by doing deep market research and considering needs of the customers.

Come and check our non-pollutant products which are in great demand in India, as they comply with the industry standards. And as we are the most trusted E rickshaw manufacturers in India, we sell you quality vehicles at a pocket-friendly price.

Why E-Richshaws?

Healthy Transportation

Vibration is a major concern in many vehicles, as they have adverse effect on passengers’ health. In e auto rickshaws vibration dampers are installed for minimizing the vibrations and thus taking care of passengers as well as the driver’s health and blessing them with smooth journey.


E auto rickshaw is a means of livelihood for many people in India. They can earn decent money through this vehicle and can support their family.


No fuel, no explosion. Unlike other fuel operated vehicles, e autorickshaws work on electrical energy, hence there are no changes of explosion in these rickshaws and they are safe. Also, these rickshaws are light in weight and run slowly on roads, which minimizes the possibility of road accident.

Easy Maintenance

E auto rickshaws are not dependent on gear box and engine, as they only need electricity for efficient working, thus minimizing the maintenance cost.

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Social Responsibility

We live in India, and it is our responsibility to keep it pollution free. E auto rickshaws are playing a pivotal role in preserving environment. It is a noise free and pollution free vehicle aptly suitable for India


E auto rickshaw in India emits negligible quantity of pollution in air, thus gives its significant contribution in keeping country pollution free.


As compared to other vehicles, e auto rickshaw in India are quite economical for both passengers as well as for owners. These e rickshaws are easy to charge and require a normal household battery, and once charged, they can cover a long distance.

Free from noise pollution

Unlike other vehicles, these e auto rickshaws don’t make much noise and hence passengers can enjoy a noise free and comfortable journey.



E – Auto Rickshaw (Passenger)

Model Name: “SWEEKAR”
E – Auto Rickshaw (Passenger)


E- Cart (Cargo)

Model Name: “SWEEKAR- L”
E- Cart (Cargo)

E-Cargo Sweekar-L

You can find many battery-operated rickshaw manufacturers in India, but Adapt Motors is the best e rickshaw manufacturers in India and this has been proved by our extensive list of valuable and satisfied customers. We feel proud to cater you wide array of premium E-cargo Sweekar-L, made with finest material for giving you unmatched quality and durability. Our E-cargo are manufactured for carrying 300-500kg load at a time and can cover long distance without any trouble. Our e-cargo Sweekar-L is free from failure and has a capacity to perform well even in high load condition. These vehicles are made by considering Indian roads and environment, hence do better even in hilly terrain or uneven roads. Easy maintenance, availability of spare parts, are some of the features, which make our product different from others. Come and check our wide collection and as we are the prominent e rickshaw manufacturers in India, you will definitely like our product, it’s our promise! Read More…   Contact

E-Auto Sweekar

Adapt Motors is one of the foremost e rickshaw manufacturers in India or you can say battery operated rickshaw manufacturers in India. Our E-Auto Sweekar is a light weight, eco-friendly and durable product which is manufactured as per industry norms. Quality is an uncompromising facet for us and hence rigorous testing is done at each step of manufacturing for giving you the world-class service and product. Our electric rickshaws are manufactured to work in any condition and are made to perform and deliver the best experience to both driver and passengers. Made with Indian components, these e-auto rickshaws are known for best technical specifications for catering dependable and comfortable rides. For achieving complete customer satisfaction, we customize our e-rickshaws as per application, and users’ requirement, and hence rendering them complete service. Come and check our e-rickshaw specifications and you will surely fall in love with them. For more information Read More…  Contact

About Adapt Motors Pvt Ltd

Adapt Motors since pioneer focused on developing an extensive range of superior quality products that addresses the needs and desires of our customers. Our products and services are delivered by our team of highly skilled, motivated, experienced and committed professionals. We take pride in developing only the best quality products/service to our clients.

On added advantage for the first time in India we are introducing EPCS (Emergency Pedal Changing System) which is under patent process, It ensures driver to charge the vehicle by self through a pedal mechanism.

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Why us?

  • Best indigenous product.
  • Best quality products compared to Chinese counterparts.
  • 100% availability of genuine and quality spare parts for all E-Rickshaw models.
  • Post Sales Support for service throughout the country.
  • Specialized training sessions and modules for assembly and service of E-Rickshaws.
  • Dedicated Vehicle Designing Team for customized E-Rickshaws, new designs and new models.
  • Dedicated R&D Department for constant improvement and upgrading of E-Rickshaws.
  • We value customer feedback and incorporate the same in our existing and new models.




To ensure safety and durability using TVS Tyres (90/90 – 12 Dragon )

Wheel Rims

Finest quality steel rims for ensuing great drive

Brake shoe & Drum

We are using world class range of braking system and easily available for after sale market.





  • How much does an e-rickshaw cost per kilometer ?

    40 Pisa /Km Sweekar model would take about 6 – 7 units of electricity to fully charge the battery of 105Ah capacity. The cost will vary in vary in different states. The maintenance cost is very low for these vehicles.

  • How much time is required to fully charge e-rickshaw ?

    It would take about 7-8 hours for the first time as you have to charge it from 0 state. Later the charging time would be 5-7 hours depending upon prior usage.

  • How long will the batteries last ?

    Sweekar model vehicles have better quality parts, the electrical and mechanical system have been designed to minimize the losses and low kerb weight is maintained, ensuring the range of the vehicle would be better than any other e-rickshaw. The range of the vehicle with a battery 105Ah can be 80-90km/charge in ideal situation, we can achieve a range of 110km/charge easily with solar enhancement.

  • Can I ride my electric tricycle in the rain?

    Yes, it is tested by central government testing agency in all adverse situations even rain and storm.

  • Is any insurance is available for battery operated vehicle?


  • Is driving licence is compulsory for these vehicles?

    Yes. As per Normal three wheeler Vehicles. Some state RTO has special category.

  • What is the mileage of these vehicles?

    80-90 kms depends on load, road surface and temperature.

  • What is charging time for batteries of these vehicles?

    6-7 hrs, depends on charger, with single phase supply of 15A socket and it requires 6-7 units for one time charging.

  • How much weight it can be carry?

    As per the Government rules 300 Kgs.

  • For how much persons it is allowed?

    (4 + 1) persons

  • Which type of service you provides and where?

    Our authorized Dealers will provide the service for water tapping in battery and gear oil.

  • Are the required spare parts easily available?

    Yes. At our authorized dealers place.

  • How many batteries you are using in a vehicle? What is rating of each battery? What is life of Battery?

    We are using 4 batteries in vehicles. Rating of each battery is 12 V and 100 – 105 Ah. Normally company provides 6 months warranty, it also depends on your maintenance, as per market report 8-9 months.*

  • What is Battery replacement cost?

    *Rs 28,000-32,000 / – with old exchange for 4 batteries.

  • What is Running cost of the vehicle?

    It is 60 to 90 paisa per kilometer depending upon battery warranty 6 month or 1 year. It includes charging cost 40 to 50 paisa per km.

  • What are the terms and conditions of warranty you provide?

    The warranty is for free repair or replacement against any manufacturing Defects or workmanship. Burning Condition not Acceptable. Warranty voids in case of Accident or ACT OF GOD and overload. For more please check our warranty card. Products like Batteries , Chargers and Tyre’s warranty needs to be claimed at respective manufacturers authorized points.

  • Where to get service of battery?

    From local dealer or Local service center of battery vendor or Franchisee of that respective company.

  • Type and brand of battery?

    Both lead acid and lithium ion batteries are available. Vehicle has to pass RTO with approved battery only.

  • Is this Chinese rickshaw ?

    No. This is made in India as per government norms & our vehicle is approved by ICAT (Haryana). And only manufacturer can issue VIN Number and we issue VIN Number.

  • What will be GST rate ?

    5% for sale of vehicle. For service and spares GST will vary with respect to service and spares type.

  • Can you supply in CKD or SKD condition ?

    No, we are approved manufacturer, we can only supply complete rickshaw. CKD & SKD is not allowed.

  • Can we charge E-Rickshaw by Solar Panel ?

    Solar panel can be attached as extra accessory for vehicle. It will act as range extender only .

  • Is their any fix Color for E Rickshaw ?

    Yes. it is compulsory in few state, I.e. Gujarat (Green Body and Yellow Roof)and other state yet to decide.

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