Adapt Motors Pvt. Ltd ( AMPL )

We Adapt Motors Pvt. Ltd (AMPL) Introduce ourselves as the South India’s First and Largest manufactures of Battery operated vehicles and EV manufacturers and suppliers in India, in the competitive segment of Three wheeler (Passenger, Cargo and Customized) with innovate and native adapted design & Technology. Our Vehicles are economic at price and appealing at outfit.

On added advantage for the first time in India we are introducing EPCS (Emergency Pedal Charging System) which is under patent process, It ensures driver to charge the vehicle by self through a pedal mechanism. Our designs are safe and secured for driver and passage with no compromise in comfort, our R & D delivered a perfect output through advanced technology and traditional procedures by considering the end user expectations.

Adapt Motors Private Limited (AMPL) is established trading & manufacturing company in India. The product range of the group includes EV Vehicles, auto rickshaws and carts. Since almost a year now, the company is fully involved in the design, fabrication, assembly and sales of battery operated rickshaws in India through its strong human resource commitment. Our strong quality controls and continued tie up with the top suppliers all over the country has helped us build and retain a loyal customer base. Bulk buying has always given us an edge over our competitor due to a better pricing. Uninterrupted supplies and top quality services have made in the first choice of buyers in the country.

Bharath Mamidoju

Bharath Mamidoju, Director

“Few things inspire to an extent that they become our destiny. Adapt Motors Private Limited (AMPL) – my dream, my perception, and my desideratum. From my childhood, I believed and visioned to be part of green society where everything is pure. My discipline in Mechanical Engineering helped me to mold myself in technicality wherein I would shape my vision into an inspiring machine. My major strength towards my path of accomplishment is being my family & friends who not only believed in my dream but even lend their helping hand to establish it and the causatum is the company – ADAPT MOTORS PRIVATE LIMITED- which manufactures and will manufacture the EV Vehicles like non-pollutant products to commuters.

Adapt Motors Private Limited (AMPL) is currently manufacturing three wheeler in battery segment. Future would be luxury models, domestic four wheeler and special customized models. I personally invite gusto, stirring and high-powered impresario to be part of our company.”

“Don’t run for success, practice perfection” – Bharath Mamidoju

The Journey begins with responsibility towards the society. Initiation gathered from available resources like MAKE IN INDIA. And planned & designed accord to the expectations of the people.

Pollution is the main conern that is hitting the world since last 2 decades. The technologies and industries developed a century back though gave a huge boost to today’s science but also crippled the nature’s natural habitat. The resposibility of bringing the nature back is of mankind and this need to done using technology.

The idea of emerging with E-Vehicles for commuters was brought onto the table by Mr. Bharath Mamidoju and with supporters & promoters the vision was green flagged in 2014.

Appropriate plan is said to successful with prefect execution. The complete process of making the e-rickshaw took place at workshop of 2000 sqft. With Mr. Bharath & few of his friends of same discipline worked on the design & structure of the vehicle. With a struggle and hardship of the team for a period of over 10 months – vehicle with new version – that would suit the geographical conditions of South India, that would provide comfort & safety was made.

The Adapt Engineers under the guidance of Mr. Bharath were finally able to build a vehicle which would prove its metal in regards to reliability, quality & comfort. Later, the vehicle have undergone various tests at legislature institutions of automobiles and emerged as flaw-less e-vehicle.

After a wait of 18 months company has been able to procure all the documentation and other required permission to launch the product on road. With dealers adding up from different region, the company is making a strong hold of market before the vechicles are displayed on road. The core team is connecting itself with central and state governments for the support. The business development team is signing up the contracts with various corporates for the good orders.
The sales team is getting a good response from the local dealers & investors to setup the businesses in their interested locality.The team is also getting a good response from industrial segment. We are being welcomed by the next generation with an open arm.


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