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Just like any other product launched in the market, e rickshaw faced lot of criticism in its earlier days. But now, in today’s scenario, e rickshaws are one of the most preferable transport for passengers because of its effectiveness and efficiency. E rickshaws are gaining popularity in many big states including Tamilnadu. E rickshaw manufacturers…

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Now-a-days e rickshaw is on road, do you know why? Because it plays a pivotal role in keeping environment clean and green. In a recent report, most of the major cities of India, are declared as the most polluted cities and the reason behind this result is the increased use of petrol and diesel vehicles….

Electric rickshaw or often called as E-rickshaw is gaining popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. These battery operated rickshaw has made its place on Indian roads and is preferred by many customers. E-rickshaws are widely accepted in India and are considered as the best alternative option for petrol/CNG/ Diesel vehicles. In India, these…

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The technology has evolved over the period and along with it, the standard of living has improved, thus providing more luxury and more comfort. Be it the houses or the transport means, the technology has made lives better. However, as the popular saying states, everything comes at a cost! And the cost for our comfort…

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