Electric rickshaw or often called as E-rickshaw is gaining popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. These battery operated rickshaw has made its place on Indian roads and is preferred by many customers. E-rickshaws are widely accepted in India and are considered as the best alternative option for petrol/CNG/ Diesel vehicles. In India, these vehicles came on roads in 2011, and since then they gained the interest of many people, because of its low traveling cost.
Let’s put some advantage of e-rickshaw under limelight:
Cities like India is fighting with pollution problem and the only solution to resolve this issue is to emphasize on battery operated rickshaws. A government is taking several measures against pollution, and such scenario is pointing towards bright future of E-rickshaws.
• E-rickshaws are pocket-friendly: Electric rickshaws provide a win-win solution to both buyers and travelers. This cost-effective vehicle is affordable for a middle-class person, who can’t spend much money. At the same time, its fare is quite low, which is a good news for travelers.
• Noise-free vehicle: As compared to automobiles which run on fuel, these electric rickshaws make less noise, which adds more convenience to passengers. The complete operation of these rickshaws is done via battery, which makes it less noisy.
• Less maintenance: These vehicles are easy to maintain because of no gearboxes and engines.These vehicles can be charged with a normal power supply, thus require less maintenance cost.
Earlier, an e-rickshaw market was acquired by Chinese manufacturers, who used to sell the product at a very low rate. But soon buyers started facing the issues of poor quality with the unavailability of spare parts and this led to falling of Chinese manufacturers. Because of mentioned reasons, import of e-rickshaws is completely stopped in India.
But the need of these rickshaws was still there which later on fulfilled by E-rickshaw manufacturers in India.Indian manufacturers started providing e-rickshaws with better quality and service as compared to Chinese traders. E-rickshaw manufactured in India comprise of new techniques and has given new opportunity to vendors to improve their business. E-rickshaw suppliers always look for innovative techniques which can be implemented for making these battery operated rickshaws more user-friendly. E-rickshaws manufactured in India, run more smoothly on road and are much stable as compared to Chinese e-rickshaws.
The two major problems of India is poverty and unemployment, and these electric rickshaws can play a pivotal role in improving the situation of a country. These battery operated rickshaws render good opportunity to many poor people, as they can earn a handsome amount through these rickshaws and can make their lifestyle much better. This electric rickshaw is a boon for financially weak people, as it requires less maintenance cost, which makes the overall business profitable.
Shining future of E-rickshaws
Currently, battery operated rickshaws are enjoying a great demand and they will continue to boom in near future. These e-rickshaws are efficiently resolving communication problem of passengers in India and are playing their role in preserving unrenewable fossil fuels. From the above discussion, it is clear that electric rickshaws have emerged for the better future of India and they have the capability to improve the financial conditions of poor people.

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