Adapt Motors Overseas Assembly Unit.

Adapt in Making at Africa

The year 2021 is inspiring & growing. Adapt Motors Private Limited has stepped up its business overseas. Adapt Motors has now opened a ventured assembly plant at Nairobi, Kenya. The unit is operating since January 2021 and is currently assembling electric two wheeler and three wheeler for the FMCG purposes. The company is expanding aggressively in the East African shores. With aim to sell around 2000 units in the year financial 2021-2022, the team Adapt Motors is all geared up with top end technology and new variants in two wheeler as well as commercial vehicles segment. The company is also seeking support from other international entities to make the business more consumer friendly.

The variants available in the African continent are 2 Wheeler, with a mileage range of 60 kms for a full charge. The charging time is almost less than 4 hours. The vehicle is integrated with Battery Management System and GPS. The 2W can carry around 130 kgs of weight and has a top speed of 35 kmph. Along with 2W, the 3W are also provided with weather protective metal box at the rear. It has a load carrying capacity of around 500 kgs and range of about 100 kms per full charge. These 3W variants are also equipped with Battery Management System and GPS.

Adapt Motors invites the investors, business owners and entrepreneurs interested in opening electric vehicle business ventures in the county or overseas. With day-to-day fuel price rising, the growth of the electric vehicle business is inevitable and prospering. The world auto-makers are already shifting their traditional production units to electric & technology integrations.  

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