E-Rickshaw for Clean Air

Now-a-days e rickshaw is on road, do you know why? Because it plays a pivotal role in keeping environment clean and green. In a recent report, most of the major cities of India, are declared as the most polluted cities and the reason behind this result is the increased use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Government has taken major actions against these results by promoting the battery operated rickshaw. Amongst the several advantages of e rickshaw, the property that it reduces air pollution is the important one.

Battery operated rickshawis the best alternative because they run on batteries, which are rechargeable and don’t pollute the environment. These batteries can be recharged after covering certain distance. Passenger e rickshaw needs less maintenance, thus making it an eye candy for many drivers. So, if anyone is looking to start his own business, then manufacturing of e rickshaw is quite booming in this current scenario. There are many e rickshaw manufacturers in India, who are earning handsome profits in their business and this is just because of rising demand of this vehicle.

This passenger e rickshaw is a win-win condition for both manufacturers and drives, who are looking to earn some money through this vehicle.Electric rickshaw drivers can earn sufficient money for supporting their family as the less maintenance cost boosts up their profit margin. There are ample benefits of this electric rickshaw which compel drivers to buy it:

  • Eco-friendly: As discussed this is the main feature of this electric rickshaw which makes it popular in the city. Apart from pollution, these battery operated rickshaws make less noise, thus good for both passengers and driver.
  • Economic: As compared to other diesel and petrol operated vehicles, these e rickshaws are quite economical, which is a good news for drivers, who are thinking to earn good amount with electric rickshaws.
  • Less Maintenance: Once battery is charged, electric rickshaws have the capability to travel long distance. The battery used in this vehicle is rechargeable, which further reduces expense of buying batteryevery time.
  • Easy to operate: Battery operated rickshaws are easy to drive and don’t require any professional driver. Anyone with little training can drive this rickshaw. Hence even a semi-skilled or unskilled person can also think about it.

From the above discussion, it is clear that electric rickshaws have bright future. E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in Indiaare playing a major role in giving employment to poor people, by making rickshaws and selling them at reasonable rate.

It’s the time to do something for our country and adopt electric rickshaws for making it pollution and noise pollution. Give your contribution and prefer e rickshaw for covering short distance and support those poor families who rely on these vehicles for their bread and butter.

Play your role for the country and increase the living standard of e rickshaw drivers.Many people in India are now thinking about manufacturing e rickshaws because of government’s seriousness about this vehicle.

Travel in e-rickshaw as it is a safe means of transportation.


KTR Setting Right Examples By Distributing Eco-friendly Electric Autos For Street Vendors

By distributing Eco-friendly Electric autos on the occasion of 4th Telangana Formation Day, KTR proved once again that he is a perfect epitome in adopting new technologies. This new adaption from Diesel autos to Electric autos shows how Telangana Government is setting right examples in not only adopting new technologies but also choosing right products that are nature-friendly.

Adapt Motor’s Sweekar Auto off late is a revolutionary product in the electric e rikshaw segment which is a proud “Make In India” and “Make in Telangana” product, from almost half a decade our e- rickshaws are being widely procured for various purposes like passenger and goods transport but this time we are delighted in delivering our auto to Government of Telangana on the occasion of 4th Telangana Formation Day, these autos are customized as per the government guidelines and are tailor-made for Fruit and Vegetable vendors requirements.

Adapt motors always played an Evangelist role in bringing the green revolution in the country through our Sweekar Electric Autos and today we are delighted to see our autos serving various prestigious Central and State government bodies. Our seamless efforts towards green revolution are slowly abating Diesel and Petrol Autos and attracting public towards Electric Autos which are economically viable and Eco-friendly as well, and this move of distributing electric autos to street vendors under government schemes is a big pat on our shoulder and this kind of encouragement from government bodies in establishing Green Telangana is a huge opportunity for electric vehicle manufacturers like us to invest more in future products.

Adapt motors being the only electric e – rickshaw manufacturer in south India with a well-equipped manufacturing unit in Hyderabad and distributors spread across all major south Indian states is setting the bar high in terms of delivering quality and cost-effective autos from almost half a decade. All our Sweekar Autos gives a mileage of 100 km with just 3hrs of charge and are widely being procured by businesses that have the defined purpose of utilization.

Talking to Media on this glorifying occasion Madhukar Reddy Parupati, one of the key founders of the group said they are happy to see Telangana Government coming forward in distributing Customised Electric Autos for Fruit and Vegetable vendors, he said the spike in the adaption of electric autos helps the mother earth in staying green and he is quite impressed with KTR taking this great initiative by personally handing over these Autos to vendors below the poverty line, KTR being one of the charismatic leaders in both state and central government has all the power to make public follow his steps in adapting to Electric Autos.

Madhukar further added that he wants to extend his sincere gratitude to all government officials who supported in making this project possible.Taking about the future products Mdhukar reveled their revolutionary Solar powered Electric Auto which is going to hit the markets very soon, this unique future will enable electric autos to run 40 km extra with the help of solar power.


Top 5 Advantages of an E-Rickshaw over a Traditional Manual Rickshaw

Just like any other product launched in the market, e rickshaw faced lot of criticism in its earlier days. But now, in today’s scenario, e rickshaws are one of the most preferable transport for passengers because of its effectiveness and efficiency. E rickshaws are gaining popularity in many big states including Tamilnadu. E rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu are enjoying a good business because of its everlasting demand. There are many cargo e rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu and yes, Adapt Motors is one of the renowned one. Being the best passenger e rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnaduit is our responsibility to make you understand more about e rickshaws, and there advantages over manual rickshaw. So let’s discuss the same.

Low running cost: Yes, it’s true! These are battery operated rickshaws and run on batteries which can be easily recharged at home with normal power supply. As compared to manual rickshaws, e rickshaws are easy to run, require less efforts and cost. This low running cost feature has made e rickshaw, a choice of many rickshaw drivers. Contact passenger e rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu, if you are planning to make money with e rickshaws.

Greater turning radius: Because of greater turning radius, it is easier to turn e rickshaw even in congested areas as compared to manual rickshaws. In traffic jams of big cities or in remote areas where roads are narrow, e rickshaws can be turned more comfortably.Cargo e rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu take extra care during production of vehicle for making it suitable for both driver and passenger.

High income with less expenditure: The profit margin of e rickshaws are more as compared to their expenditure. Thus even a lower class person can think about e rickshaws for increasing his income.E rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu offer vehicles at a cost-effective price, which is one more reason to make it a profession.

Perfect vehicle for short distance: E rickshaws are faster than manual rickshaws and are convenient for small distances. These pollution-free rickshaws run on batteries, which further saves the expenditureon petrol or diesel.

Reduces efforts of drivers: As compared to manual or pedal rickshaws which require lot of efforts of drivers, e rickshaws are easy to drive. So reduce physical strain and go with e rickshaw for earning more with less efforts. Get in touch with Adapt Motors, a leading e rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadufor raising your living standard.

Isn’t these advantages sufficient enough to describe the bright future of e rickshaws? Contact Adapt Motors for buying e rickshaws, as our vehicles undergo rigorous testing and follow safety measures for providing you our best services.

E rickshaw manufacturers in Tamilnadu are growing at a faster rate, because of its increasing demand. If you are looking for making e rickshaw driving as your profession, it’s a good time to buy an e rickshaw for supporting your family in a better way.

Buy it, ride it and earn through it!


Shift to Electric Vehicles to escape from the ever hiking fuel prices.

Adapting to Evs is a great Idea from the environmental perspective, eco-friendly Evs are a great alternative for gasoline/diesel and petrol vehicles, with fuel prices almost touching Rs 100/litre, electric vehicles are a great alternative to cut down the costs. If you own an electric vehicle you are obviously the one with a greater vision for future.. you are not only counted among the group of the “smartest people on the globe”, you’ll be creating a big difference for the environment, and saving lots money.

Although Electric cars are a smarter alternative for orthodox fuel vehicles on many grounds, electric cars still has its own cons which are to be yet addressed considering the long mile drives pickup and safety, but Electric Autos are one segment which has defined the purpose of utilization, considering their limited usage and range of utilization. Hyderabad based Adapt Motors has designed two stunning Electric Autos Sweekar (Passenger Auto) and Sweekar- L ( Electric Load puller Auto) which are a smarter alternative over Diesel/petrol autos and can effectively address 80% of this segment needs.

Adapt motors has done extensive research before designing these two electric autos and arrived at an understanding that passenger autos are nowadays being maximum utilised to commute passengers from on route to the other and in majority cases they have fixed and specific routes with overall commuting distance per day not exceeding 100 km, keeping this in mind it launched Sweekar – Passenger E – Rickshaw which gives 100/km mileage with a overnight charge of 5 to 6 hrs. It can be easily plugged in into power in the night time and can be used throughout the day without any interruptions.

Even commercial cargo pullers are majorly being utilised by Appliances stores, Hardware stores to deliver customer orders or by restaurants to deliver food from their central kitchen to different own outlets. Electric Cargo Autos can be a smarter alternative for all these categories as their usage is very much defined and the driving range is not exceeding more than 100 km/ day, Sweekar- L  comes with a 500kg load pulling capacity and gives 100 km millage with just 5-6 hrs of charging which is very much meeting the requirements and public is happy to replace diesel autos with E- cargos as it gives better ROI and it costs them only 40 paisa/km.

In both the cases, Passenger E Rickshaw and E – Cargo if the driving range is beyond 100 km, owners can charge the autos in the lunch breaks and other small breaks between the rides. Maintenance of Electric Autos is also very easy, you just need to change the distilled water once a month. With the ever-growing fuel prices, customers are finding Electric Autos as a great alternative to fuel vehicles.


Sweekar – The nextgen Electric Passenger Auto

According to a recent research by Peter Lilienthal of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, if we can transform from diesel/ petrol vehicles to Electric Vehicles, we would see a 42% national average reduction in CO2 emissions, with all these hustles and bustles in Ev segment top car brands are still finding it tough to crack Indian market as the transformation from fuel vehicles to EVs is not progressing as expected. But surprisingly, e-bikes. e- rickshaws, e – cargos and other commercial utilities has been drastically adapting to electric vehicle usage to cut down the fuel costs which will finally result in bringing down the overall product cost.

In this historic transformation, Hyderabad based Adapt Motors has been a step ahead in the race in bringing the maximum number of “Make In India” e – rickshaws on to the Indian roads. Currently, thousands of Electric rickshaws are being commercially utilised across Telangana for commuting passengers from one place to the other. Not only in Hyderabad, our Passenger E Rickshaws are also been widely used even in remote areas across south India due to its ease in operation and a throwaway cost/ kilometre rate. In metro cities, these passenger electric Autos are being used to commute passengers from one place to another place with almost no noise and pollution and allowing the urban living to breathe clean and helping nature to stay greener.

Passengers commuting in the cities are appreciating the efforts of the company for giving such a eco friendly EV product to the world and are taking this as inspiration to live more eco friendly and trying to eliminate all kinds of eco hazardous products from their life, whereas rural users are  finding it as a solution to the real big problem of not finding petrol pumps nearby all these days.

Sweekar – Electric Passenger Auto comes with the following stunning features




48V(100AH 12VDC)

Mileage/ Charge:

90 – 100*kms

Cost/ Charge:

Rs. 40, (5 – 7 units )

Charge Time:




Ground Clearance:

250 mm

Carrying Capacity:

4+1 Passengers/6+1 passengers

Motor Warranty:

12 Months


Users are finding it very easy to use this vehicle all the day for their commercial use and put it to charge overnight, as it is very simple to drive, almost anyone with basic driving skills can handle this e – passenger auto.

We found almost all our users using our autos with extreme ease and we are delighted to leave happy smiles on their faces with our most loved Sweekar – E -Rickshaw. Ith this overwhelming response and tremendous support from the Government of Telangana, we are planning to come up yet upgrade versions in the market in a couple of months.


Adapt Motors wins STAMP(Station Access and Mobility Programme) Challenge

With its continuous efforts in creating an eco-friendly planet, Adapt motors has been innovating in upgrading its flagship model Sweekar Electric Autos with many interesting features like extending battery life, ensuring availability of more charging stations and building strong R&D team. As expected, all the efforts are being recognised by various prestigious organisations, recently Adapt motors has drawn great attention in Smart mobility startup festival held at Metro Rail Bhavan in Hyderabad. In the recent STAMP( Station Acess and Mobility Programme) challenge initiated by Hyderabad metro rail Project in association with World Resources Institute, Toyota mobility foundation and L&T HMR, Adapt motors stood as one of the three winners for its innovative electric auto.

Adapt motor’s Electric passenger auto has drawn great attraction with its stunning looks and promising features. 4 to 5 hours of charging with 100 km mileage, 4+1 seating capacity, solid Indian made engine and make in India body were few eyeball catchers of Sweekear passenger auto in the STAMP event. Adapt Motors has been given this prestigious award for showing its innovation in last mile connectivity through its electric autos. Visitors of the show also showered praises on this innovative Electric Rickshaw which not only helps in bringing down the pollution levels in urban localities, it is also a great alternative to Diesel/petrol autos in the rural areas where there is less access to fuel stations.

Talking to the guests and hosts, Mr. Madhukar Reddy, one of the key founders of the company told, they are happy and excited being among the three winners list and added that they are more focusing on the R&D part now and planning to launch a flagship solar powered auto with battery backup very soon, this feature enables users to run the auto in the daylight with Solar power and reserve the battery back up for night driving which will double the usage and be yet more productive for commercial usage. He told all their future products will come with more or less similar kind of dual run features which helps them to stand far away from the other competitors.


Adapt Motors – A new friend to nature and going strong towards its goal.

We started in 2014, with a motto of keeping the planet more green and clean by launching electric autos to address the pollution problem. Till 2014, thousands of Diesel/petrol autos were moving across the city throughout the day leaving hazardous emission which was polluting the air very badly and making it unbreathable, Adapt motors was launched with a single point agenda and goal to address this huge threat to the planet and to eliminate the pollution problem completely.

We know It’s a big challenge, and we also very well knew that we have chosen a tough path but, we strongly believed in our passion and we have set our mission vision very clearly to eliminate pollution causing vehicles completely from this planet and help to breath clean. Although we had big plans to enter into various other segments, we have first chosen to enter into e rickshaw segment considering the affordability and ease of push. When we released our first Auto, as usual, we faced so many rejections due to various reasons, primarily due to less awareness among the public on sustainability and durability of Electric Vehicles, we struggled initially as the doors were not wide opened for electric vehicles across India,

We quickly changed our game plan and strongly decided to first bring awareness among the public and to help them understand the benefits of using electric vehicles for them as well as for nature. we reached them in various ways, conducted many workshops, encouraged them for trail runs, displayed vehicles across Hyderabad. although we were a normal startup like everyone with limited funds, we still opted for costly television and print media slots to reach people to drive this awareness campaign of educating them in adapting to electric vehicles, though it was tough to run finances in the initial days almost with no sales, we know what we are doing, we were able to see the future clearly and we were well determined and prepared for everything. Slowly our hard work started paying back.

With these campaigns, we succeeded in creating a positive buzz in the market, the public started enquiring about our electric vehicles, in the second year, we were able to bring hundreds of electric autos on to the roads and as expected almost all our customers were so satisfied with the deliverables, mileage and performance of our electric autos. Customers found it very economical in terms of capital investment, as well as maintenance, compared with diesel/petrol autos. We were very so happy that we are able to create a positive buzz in the market and slowly the public started adapting to Electric Autos. The word of mouth spread so strong as our e- rickshaws started delivering 100 km mileage with just 4 to 5 hrs charge as we promised. Several NGO’S, Large-scale organisations and government bodies came forward and gave us hundreds of E – Autos orders across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we were able to meet all their requirements, and kept all our promises and delivered their requirement in time. To give easy access to all our spare parts, we opened 22+ dealership locations across South India and in no time emerged as one of the Leading Electric Vehicles Manufacturers in India.

With our growing popularity, we even got a place in Telangana’s prestigious T- HUB which helped us to come under the limelight, we won several prestigious awards and supplied our Electric Rickshaws to various government organisations, with all the efforts, today we are the proud supplier of electric autos for Telangana government for its various requirements. We even customised our autos to make them fit for various purposes and our customers are loving it. With all the hard work and dedication and never dying fire within to see this planet green, today we are happy to see thousands of our electric autos running on roads causing zero pollution to nature. All these efforts made us the best electric vehicle manufacturing company across south India and we are heading strongly to emerge as India’s Best Electric Vehicle Manufactures in the near future.


How Hyderabad is emerging as the new hub for Electric Vehicles in India?

Hyderabad Biryani and its innovative startups are the two things which amazed the world. Hyderabad is always a step ahead in innovating and experimenting, may be due to its strong Tech connections with Silicon Valley or the fire in the youth to deliver global products, whatever the reason may be, Hyderabad Startups are emerging as new solutions for the toughest problems the world has been facing so far.

Be it Tech startups, Mobile Apps, IoT, Automobiles, Agri and what not, Hyderabad startups are always in news for all the good reasons. But surprisingly and necessarily Hyderabad is emerging as a new hub for electric vehicles in India which is a good sign to protect our natural resources, when it comes to Electric Vehicles from decades, thoughts go only on much-hyped Electric cars, but there are many other vehicles which are polluting the nature as bad as Diesel/Petrol cars pollute. One such segment is Electric rickshaws and E -Cargo carriers which are widely known as Load pullers or Carrier Autos.

The huge number of Diesel/Petrol Passenger Rickshaws and Cargo Carriers are being used for public transport and commercial usage. With increasing population and huge movement of people and goods from one place to the other, the number of diesel and petrol rickshaws hitting roads are doubling year by year and these heavy usage of fuel rickshaws has become a real problem which is polluting the air very badly and resulting in many breathing related diseases and natural disasters.

But few startups in Hyderabad as taken it as a real challenge, It’s in fact a great news to the world that from last five years at least ten companies from hyderabad has come forward to address this problem by launching Electric RIckshaws, E- Cargos and Electric Load pullers. As Hyderabadis always welcome new adaptations and products there has been an overwhelming response from the public as well from the government to switch from fuel autos to E – Rickshaws.

Among these new startups Adapt Motors has emerged as one of the strong and innovative companies ithe n Electric Rickshaw Manufacturing segment. With Make in India and Make in Telangana slogan and having a huge and well equipped manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, Adapt motors has established a strong network with 30+ dealer locations across south India and moving fast and firm towards expanding its presence across India.

The revolutionary products of Adapt Motors Sweekar – (Passenger E- Rickshaw) and Sweekar – L (Cargo E – Rickshaw) has hit the market like a storm couple of years ago and are today being widely utilised in public transports and commercial cargo movements. Sweekar E – Rickshaws come with appealing look and powerful battery which is easy to charge and delivers 100+ kms mileage with just 4 to 5 hrs charging. Thousands of E – Autos are already moving on roads of Hyderabad and very quickly spread into tier two cities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The core team of Adapt motors are very dedicated to deliver much powerful E – Autos/Rickshaws with yet stunning features and the R&D is happening so strong to deliver a solar power run E – rickshaw by next year. With its innovative ideas and problem solving products that protect the nature, Adapt Motors got succeeded already in grabbing many prestigious awards in this segments.

The highly motivated marketing team of Adapt motors is not leaving a single stone unturned to educate business owners who run Hardware shops, Home Appliances, Colleges, Schools, Transport businesses, Courier services to utilize Electric Cargo vehicles for their commercial use which are very less in price compared to fuel autos. Couple of NGOs are also helping this noble cause by educating the passenger auto drivers and owners to switch to Electric Rickshaws which are cost effective. Telangana government has procured a huge number of E – rickshaws from Adapt motors and distributed them to street Vegetable/ Fruit vendors which is a huge encouragement for Electric Rickshaw Manufacturers in Hyderabad and Telangana.

State government is also exploring the other possibilities of switching completely to E – Rickshaws and E- Cargos Autos which will be a great inspiration to the public as well to switch to Electric vehicles and keep the nature more green and clean.


Why Sweekar E-Rikshaws?

We have so far witnessed many changes in our lives, things changed so fast, the best tools which are helping us today to sustain and perform better are nowhere in our lives before a decade or half. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Online shopping, Giant Shopping Malls and Online Taxis was never part of our lives during our childhood, but today it is tough to imagine our life without them.

Correspondingly we have seen a quick shift from orthodox habitual living to modern and well-equipped lifestyle, although this major adaption is making our lives better, there is still one vast segment in which we need to drastically upgrade to save this planet from being polluted i.e Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline usage to Electric Vehicles.

The revolution from traditional Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline Rikshaws to E- Rikshaws is slowly picking up, consumers were bit disappointed initially as few China imported vehicles didn’t meet their expectations, gradually companies like Adapt Motors made the trends shift very fast with their innovative, stronger, sleeker, safer, economical and easy to operate India made E- Rikshaws. Adapt Motors’s Sweekar E-Rikshaws are now being widely purchased as the vehicle comes with boasting features like immediate torque, silent ride, and premium performance, Sweekar E- Rikshaws also have lower fuel and maintenance costs and consumers ultimately garner social pride and responsibility from creating a better, healthier planet. For all of these reasons and more, E-Rickshaws have caught the attention of Business owners and drivers and they are loving in engaging them as they are cost effective and economical.

Have Glance at the below advantages of adapting to Sweekar E-Rickshaws 


A battery electric vehicle (BEV) has far fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. There’s no need for liquid fuels or oil changes. There’s no transmission or timing belt to fail when you least expect it. In fact, most of the maintenance costs associated with an internal combustion engine are eliminated. Sweekar E-Rikshaws have a better emissions profile than internal combustion vehicles which helps in maintaining a clean environment.


The overall cost of EV ownership is actually lower than Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline-powered Rikshaws, one gets the maximum advantage to minimize the capital costs, our Sweekar E-Rikshaws comes with a powerful battery that gives 100 km mileage with just 3 to 4 hrs charging and that is just 40 paise or less per kilometre.


Like the Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline-powered Rikshaws Sweekar doesn’t require monthly servicing, just refill the distil water once in a month and that’s it. Spares also have a longer life than the traditional rickshaws and are much cheaper in price.This helps the business owners to save the high servicing costs, Our E-Rikshaw is easy to operate and almost anyone can drive it, all these features help you to save big money.



If you haven’t looked at what’s going on with E- Rikshaws lately, you may be surprised. Sales are growing. The EV industry is creating jobs for Indians. With Adapt Motor’s expanding network, it’s becoming more common to find our distributors stores in almost every city and small towns across South India. We encourage you to join the movement. Lead the way for a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.