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The air #pollution levels in most urban areas in India have been on the rise with major pollution sources being the increase in traffic volume and from #industries, with #Hyderabad being no exception.

The graphs of air pollution levels are increasing in the city, suggests that there has been an overall increase in the major pollutants across the city, not just in industrial areas. This is an indication of the overall increase in vehicular traffic across the city which causing air pollution.

Hyderabad has a population of 1 Crore and including Ranga Reddy district and the Secunderabad area, there is a floating population of nearly one crore. The city has over 70 lakh vehicles out of which two-wheeler are more than 70% of the volume. Moreover, nearly a thousand vehicles get added every day to the existing number in the form of registrations. The daily #diesel consumption in the city, including the Ranga Reddy district and Secunderabad areas combined amounts are nearly 3.2 mega litres per day and #petrol consumption amounts are nearly 2.1 mega litres per day.

While the increase in the #traffic volume has been a matter of worry, the number of vehicles that simply do not stick to the pollution norms and those that do not bother to get the pollution under control certificate has been a major drawback towards suppressing pollution levels. While the overall pollution levels in the city are constant throughout, there’s a difference in the effect of the pollutants, given the surroundings and the layout of different areas. The situation in Gachibowli is quite different from the situation in the old city and the #Charminar area. The narrow lanes of the old part of the city make it rather difficult for the easy dispersion of the pollutants of the air. Whereas the areas like Gachibowli, which are newly developed have room for the continuous dispersion of pollutants, thereby reducing the chances of pollutant inhalation by the residents.

As a part of initiative and encouragement from Government of #Telangana, the state transport has initiated plying of Electric Vehicles and moreover has called upon the #EV #manufacturers like Adapt Motors to increase the productivity as well as reach public to explain the vantages of using electric vehicles. The “Electric Vehicle: An Answer for #Future Mobility” is a campaign run by Adapt Motors to make public understand the vantages and usage of the electric vehicle for their daily commute. The company is providing free demonstration & test rides across the city of Hyderabad. You may book the #test ride by calling or whats-app on 9963181234. You may even visit for more details.

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