Transit & Logistics

Charging Station, Energy Conservation, Battery Bunks
Transit & Logistics

Commercial viable solutions for growing eCommerce.


ECommerce Logistic Solutions

Logistic hub will be the most exponential growing business point post covid era. The need to maintain social distance & avoid crowded place, the ecommerce will try to grab every possiblity. The gaints like Amazon, Flipkart & JioMart are investing on brand & unique marketing strategies. And to provide competative price for the gaining the market share, one of the major factor would be the logistic charges & electrical vehicle shall be the answer for it. We provide the solutions for the last-mile connectivity & support the Ecommerce hubs with post-sale dedicated service.
Transit & Logistics

Need Based transit for transforming corporate


Corporate Logistic Solutions

Industrial internal logistic solutions & waste-management for the corporate, the Adapt Motors provide a need-based vehicle for the companies. The usage of these battery operated vehicles gives more viability for logistic solutions for corporate. The Adapt Motors provides the charging solutions as well as optimize the business mobility plan.


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